One of the misconceptions at the heart of the recovery community is the idea that recovery stops after rehab. In fact, there is a very real sense in which recovery begins after rehab. This is not to say that detox, residential addiction treatment, and outpatient care are easy. They are not. But once you have left more comprehensive formal treatment, a whole new set of challenges appears. When they do, recovery coaching becomes extremely important. A recovery coach — sometimes called a “sober companion” — can help with a wide variety of situations to ensure that you maintain your sobriety and avoid relapse. If you are interested in recovery coaching in Orange County, CA, the Parallax Solution is a great place to start.

What is Recovery Coaching?

A recovery coach assists you when you are trying to get or to stay sober. They are different from 12-step sponsors. A recovery coach is not your therapist and not your friend. They are certainly not your personal assistant. They are mentors and guides, and your first line of defense against relapse. As such, their main job is to help you make healthy choices. To better understand what they do on a day-to-day basis, it is useful to break down some of their different functions. Recovery coaching may involve:


In the world of recovery coaching, “transport” refers to the act of getting someone to rehab. Individuals struggling with addiction are often afraid or reluctant to go to rehab. Or perhaps the facility requires a long drive or flight on which many triggers and temptations may present themselves. Recovery coaching involves accompanying the individual and ensuring that they make it into the program.


At Parallax, our recovery coaching in Orange County, CA, often involves staying with an individual after they have left rehab. In these cases, our sober companions often live with the individual around the clock or in, for example, 12-hour shifts. Living sober takes practice. And the aim in these cases is to help the person in recovery to learn how to live a life of sobriety by advising and modeling healthy behaviors. A recovery coaching job of this kind will some or all of the following:

  • Removing any drugs or alcohol from the residence
  • Helping the individual to structure their day around tasks that need to be accomplished (shopping, exercise, work, etc.)
  • Ensuring that the individual makes to sober support meetings, including therapy and 12-step meetings
  • Social Events
  • One of the most challenging aspects of reintegrating into everyday life and establishing healthy routines is having to deal with social situations. Not only can these be awkward because they may involve discussions about rehab, but there can be real pressure to drink or use drugs. Recovery coaching ensures that various kinds of stressful social events do not result in relapse.
  • Long-Term Companionship

The Parallax Solution also handles cases in which our sober companions live and travel with an individual for months on end. When someone struggling with addiction needs support and guidance, they are not always able to enroll in rehab. Perhaps their band is on tour, or they are shooting a film on location. In these cases, recovery coaching involves constant contact, as well as consultation with the rest of the Parallax team so that the individual can focus on their recovery.

If you are interested in engaging a sober companion in Orange County, CA, you need look no further than the concierge addiction treatment programs offered at Parallax Solution.

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Of the many damaging effects of addiction, one of the worst is that it is isolating. A person struggling with substance use issues always eventually pushes away family, friends, and co-workers as the substance takes up all of the space in their lives. Engaging a sober companion in Orange County, CA, can help you to reintegrate into society while ensuring that you maintain your sobriety. If you’d like to learn more about recovery coaching and the other home health services that we offer, contact Dr. Henriques and the Parallax Solution team online, or call us at 833.978.0546. You don’t have to go it alone.