At the Parallax Solution, we have witnessed firsthand that there are as many ways to treat addiction as there are people struggling with the disease. An important first step is acknowledging that addiction is just that: a disease that affects your brain chemistry. The common misconception that addiction can just be overcome by sheer willpower is antiquated. And the medical community abandoned that idea decades ago. Today, we understand that each person struggling with addiction is unique. This is why we offer a drug and alcohol home detox program that is tailored to your individual needs.
If you have been looking for a quality drug and alcohol home detox program, the Parallax Solution has in-home services that  may be right for you.

What Is Drug and Alcohol Home Detox?

Let’s be very clear. In deciding to free yourself from drugs and alcohol, you have taken an enormous step. But it is the first step of many. For many individuals struggling with addiction, the next step is detoxification. Detox — sometimes referred to by its full name, “medical detoxification — simply refers to the act of eliminating substances from your body. You may have heard the term casually used to refer to the elimination of any nutritional element from the body. But with drugs and alcohol, the process is more complicated. It is complicated enough, in fact, that it requires medical supervision.

Do I Need Drug and Alcohol Home Detox?

It is impossible to overcome addiction without detox. And it is incredibly unsafe to detox without professional help.
This is to say that the professional management of detox in a drug and alcohol home detox program does more than just reduce the chance of relapse. It is also medically safer. This is in large part because each substance brings with it different withdrawal symptoms, and each must be managed differently. Treating alcohol detoxification and its manifestations in the same way as you would treat fentanyl or heroin detox is dangerous. And in the most severe cases can lead to irreparable damage and even death.

Every drug is different, but there are some common symptoms that patients suffer during drug and alcohol home detox. On the psychological side, these include depression, mood swings, and anxiety, among others. Detox patients also report insomnia and restlessness in addition to the expected cravings for the substance. Again, these symptoms make detox one of the times when users are most likely to relapse. With the help of a good drug and alcohol home detox, however, you will make it through. And our home detox in Orange County, CA, might be a good fit for you. We even have the option of a hotel detox in Orange County, CA, that might suit your particular needs.

Why Detox at Home?

There is any number of reasons to choose drug and alcohol home detox over detoxing in a residential facility. Among these are:

  • Cost. When it comes down to it, programs like the Parallax drug and alcohol home detox are often less expensive. This is in large part because they lack a residential, inpatient component, which allows for a lower cost while providing the same range of services.
  • Not living in a residential program allows you to develop a more extensive network of support outside of the program. And this sort of support is a critical aspect of avoiding relapse.
    Your health is paramount. That said, there is also a social component of addiction. Participating in a drug and alcohol home detox allows you to avoid public scrutiny and maintain your privacy as you heal.

Our home or hotel detox in Orange County, CA, isn’t right for everyone. But if you need help battling addiction and are not interested in committing to a residential program, our concierge drug and alcohol home detox program might be right for you.

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Asking for help when you are struggling with addiction is not easy. But the fact that you are even considering home detox in Orange County, CA, means that you are willing to get started. When you’re ready, you can give yourself the life you deserve, free of drugs and alcohol. And a drug and alcohol home detox is an excellent place to start. If you are interested in a home or hotel detox in Orange County, CA, or in drug and alcohol home detox in general, don’t wait. Reach out to Dr. Henriques and the addiction specialists today online, or by calling the Parallax Solution at 833.978.0546. You can get sober on your own terms.