When many people think of drug and alcohol addiction, their mind immediately jumps to an image of a street person. Or maybe they think of a binge-drinking college student or an unemployed person who self-medicates with drugs and alcohol. These stereotypical substance abusers undoubtedly exist. But it is also important to realize the signs of substance abuse are not always so obvious. The disease of addiction does not discriminate according to social class. And anyone is vulnerable, no matter their living situation or financial status. And because so many successful business people struggle with addiction, at Parallax we are proud to offer Employee Assistance Program services in Los Angeles, CA.

Who Qualifies for Employee Assistance Program Services?

At the Parallax Solution, we have witnessed firsthand the tragedy of successful business people ruining their lives with drugs and alcohol. And when addiction takes hold, it does not just affect the individual using drugs or alcohol. It affects that person’s parents and children, their spouse, their friends, and their co-workers. It is sometimes hard for a person battling an addiction to see that their struggle with drugs and alcohol is not just about themselves. But that is precisely why they must treat their addiction. And it is especially true when others depend upon them, financially and otherwise. An Employee Assistance Program can help them do that, and the EAP services component of the Parallax Solution can help get that process started.

Your qualification for the Employee Assistance Program depends upon your state of residence. But if you are steadily employed, Employee Assistance Program funds are likely available to help you finance addiction treatment.

What Is an Employee Assistance Program?

Although it is underpublicized, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management has several programs that can help when you are recovering from trauma or addiction. Notable among these are their Employee Assistance Programs, which offer a broad range of services to employees suffering from personal or work-related problems.

Through our Employee Assistance Program services, you can learn more about how EAPs can help you resolve personal health problems like addiction that are negatively affecting your work performance. Employees traditionally use Employee Assistance Programs to assist with alcohol and substance abuse. But most EAPs now also cover a broader range of issues that may be connected to your addiction issues, like child or elder care, financial or legal problems, and trauma.

As you explore our EAP services, you will find that these programs are provided free of charge by EAP vendors. And in most cases, they also cover your spouse, children, or non-marital partner, as long as that person lives under the same roof. And another strength of the program is that instead of merely offering referrals and a surfeit of red tape, Employee Assistance Programs provide addiction support, including counseling directly.

Again, these programs are entirely free and voluntary. And the Employee Assistance Program services team at Parallax Solution has worked with many of them in the past. In fact, many such programs prefer working with programs like ours that offer high-quality in-home services and a high rate of return on their investment. Wherever you are in your journey of recovery, it is worth investigating whether EAP services are right for you.

Contact the Parallax Solution About Our Employee Assistance Program Services

As a busy professional, taking the first steps on the road to recovery are never easy. You are busy, people rely on you, and until now, life has just gotten in the way. But chances are good that if you are even considering addiction treatment, you need help. Just because you are high-functioning and able to provide for your family does not mean that you don’t have a problem. And the Parallax Solution and our Employee Assistance Program services in Los Angeles, CA, are here to help. Reach out to the Parallax Solution online today or call us at 833.978.0546. You can take your life back.