a doctor explaining how Court Ordered Rehab Services work to a family memberIt is unfortunate but true that sometimes negative experiences push us in positive directions. Adversity can make us stronger, criticism can make us wiser, and difficulty can bring out our strengths. In the world of addiction recovery, that can play out in many ways. But one of the most common is when an individual with substance abuse issues is forced by law to examine their behaviors and see the error of their ways. If you have been ordered into rehab by the courts, our court-ordered rehab services in Orange County, CA, and our drug-monitoring program can help.

What Are Court-Ordered Rehab Services?

At the Parallax Solution, Dr. Henriques has developed countless relationships with attorneys and judges over the years. It is no exaggeration to say that the officers of the court are very familiar with our programs and are well aware of the high level of care we provide. And these relationships are one of the reasons our court ordered-rehab services in Orange County, CA, are considered to be among the best. Additionally, because we specialize in in-home detox and rehabilitation, our court-ordered rehab services are both effective and convenient.

Among our many court-ordered home health services, we provide the following as part of our drug-monitoring program:

  • Alcohol and illegal substance treatment monitoring
  • Prescription drug and marijuana monitoring
  • dual-diagnosis reports and other legal documents requiring metrics for crisis-management purposes

We also offer in-home pain-management aftercare for patients dealing with chronic pain. Dr. Henriques and his team have extensive experience working with patients with DUIs and drug offenses, as well as with those in the family court system with substance-abuse related cases.

Are Court-Ordered Rehab Services Effective?

Many would assume that because court-ordered rehab is involuntary, it would be less effective. If anything, data shows that the opposite is true. According to the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse, court-ordered rehab services are as or more effective than when patients enter programs voluntarily. And this has certainly been our experience at the Parallax Solution.
Some of the services we offer to ensure that your in-home court-ordered rehab service is effective are:

  • A comprehensive rehab aftercare program for patients who are leaving residential treatment
  • Our signature home detox program, which has a hotel option as well
  • Employee Assistance Program services, which ensure that professionals can get the in-home rehab they need
  • A suite of addiction intervention services
  • Our recovery coaching program, in which sober companions provide patients with the highest possible level of guidance and support

In-home detox and rehab is not for everyone. But if you have doubts about the efficacy or suitability of an inpatient residential treatment program, the court-ordered rehab services at the Parallax Solution might be right for you. Once upon a time, court-ordered rehab services meant being locked away in a residential treatment facility. But those days are past.

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If you need court-ordered rehab services in Orange County, CA, the Parallax Solution can help. A quality addiction intervention team like the one at Parallax can tailor an addiction intervention to your needs and to the specifications of the court. We also organize and execute it with a minimum of concern on your part so that you can focus on what matters more: taking care of your health. If you are interested in our court-ordered rehab services or any other aspect of our concierge addiction treatment program, don’t hesitate. Contact us online today, or call us at 833.978.0546.