While some clients may benefit from standard addiction treatment, others may need a more personalized treatment approach. High profile individuals may do better if they are allowed to stay within their home or seek treatment under anonymity. At Parallax, we provide concierge addiction recovery services that meet your needs regardless of your circumstances.

Our concierge addiction recovery services in Los Angeles, CA, include an array of services such as a hotel or home detox, interventions, recovery coaching, or a sober companion. Regardless of how severe your addiction is, there is always hope with the right treatment. Contact Parallax today to find out more about your treatment options so you can become closer to achieving sobriety.

Concierge Addiction Recovery Services We Provide

concierge addiction recovery servicesAt Parallax, we take an evidence-based treatment (EBT) approach to help you overcome your addiction. EBT is grounded in years of scientific research and client observation. It is a primary form of care that requires the skill and experience of a licensed therapist.

The evidence-based treatment we provide includes:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Through cognitive-behavioral therapy, you become aware of negative or false thinking that has fueled your addiction. Once you become aware of your destructive thought patterns, you find a way to respond to them in a more effective way. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a form of talk therapy between you and your mental health counselor.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy provides you with the skills you need to manage stressful situations, painful emotions, or conflict in relationships. We use mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness to help you communicate with others, maintain self-respect, and strengthen your personal relationships.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and commitment therapy is a mindfulness-based therapy that helps you overcome negative thoughts and feelings by accepting the difficulties in your life. Additionally, we assess your character traits and behaviors to help you find effective strategies for coping with your addiction or any mental disorder you may have.

Treatment Options

Our concierge addiction recovery services cover all phases of treatment that include detox, rehab, and aftercare. Some of the personalized treatments may include:

  • Addressing and managing your crisis
  • Substance screening and monitoring
  • Providing sober transportation
  • Recovery coaching
  • Verification of recovery or relapse
  • Treatment center or program place and development

We provide the highest level of confidentiality so that you can maintain your dignity and reputation in your profession or as a public figure. Our desire is to help you achieve every stage of rehab that promotes a lifelong recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

Hotel or Home Detox

Detox can be the most challenging stage of addiction. During detox, you may experience a wide range of withdrawal symptoms including nausea/vomiting, seizures, anxiety, depression, insomnia, hallucinations, or loss of appetite. However, due to your status, you may not be able to go to a traditional detox center.

This is why we offer on-site detox at home or a designated hotel room. Our treatment specialists can provide the facilities, medication, medical care, and other resources necessary to help you complete detox successfully. If going to detox is not possible due to your need for anonymity, then we can provide services almost anywhere.

Contact Parallax For Concierge Addiction Recovery Services

Are you ready to start your treatment for drug or alcohol addiction? Then contact Parallax today. We provide comprehensive concierge addiction recovery services for all types of addiction. Let our staff help you through each stage of recovery so you do not relapse. To find out more about our concierge addiction recovery services in Los Angeles, CA, call 833.978.0546. We are here to help you get back on the road to recovery so you can live a life free of addiction.