a woman excited to be learning about Addiction InterventionIn the not-so-distant past, a person battling addiction had far fewer avenues for treatment than they do today. It was the norm that they would remain addicted until they either hit rock bottom or their story ended in tragedy. These days, a person in that situation has many more options. And in addition to the many different styles of and approaches to addiction treatment, today it is far easier to begin addiction treatment early. This is the case in part because family members and loved ones are far more willing to intervene. If someone you love is struggling, it may be time for an addiction intervention. But before doing so, you must plan the intervention well. The drug addiction intervention approach we have pioneered at the Parallax Solution is an excellent place to start.

Addiction Intervention: A Place to Start the Healing

An addiction intervention is, in its simplest terms, a deliberate action by which people who are affected by a person’s addiction confront that person. The goal of every addiction intervention is essentially the same: to make the person recognize their destructive behaviors and to change them. And although the approach should always be non-threatening, it is confrontational and does require a degree of firmness. Participants in an addiction intervention must use respectful, clear language about the effects that the substance abuse has had on their lives. This can result in the person who is addicted feeling attacked. But the aim is that they see the harmful impacts their addiction is having on themselves and others. Treatment and healing can only begin after the user acknowledges the detrimental effects of their addiction.

What Goes Into a Drug Addiction Intervention?

Each person struggling with addiction is different, as are their families and friends. And each addiction intervention reflects this fact. That said, there are certain parts of the process that rarely change. These include:

  • Planning. Planning an addiction intervention means paying particular attention to the person’s needs and respecting their needs and circumstances. In almost every case, it is a good idea to consult a professional when in the planning stages. And if you are considering addiction intervention in Orange County, CA, the Parallax Solution can help.
  • Building and preparing the intervention team. The participants in an intervention are the individual struggling with addiction, their close friends and family members, and an addiction specialist. Although every addiction intervention is different, they are almost all emotionally charged, and can sometimes bring to the surface feelings of betrayal and resentment. At the Parallax Solution, we have a great deal of experience helping prepare family members and loved ones for these moments, and running addiction interventions.
  • Sharing. Once the addiction intervention begins, each member of the team will speak about how the addiction has affected them personally. The aim is to let the user see that their actions have consequences in the lives of others.

Giving consequences. No one likes to give ultimatums. But when a person is in the throes of addiction, it is sometimes the only language that they can understand. Limiting contact and taking away privileges or financial resources are an excellent place to begin.

Provide clear goals. It is essential that the addiction intervention team layout in clear language what they see as the next steps. This will usually involve substance detox programs and medical treatment for addiction.

Reaching out to an addiction specialist like Dr. Henriques at the Parallax Solution can put these procedures and goals into focus.

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When someone you care about is battling addiction, it can be difficult to know what to do. But depending upon the severity of the addiction, an addiction intervention may be a good place to start. A quality addiction intervention team like the one at the Parallax Solution can tailor an addiction intervention to the needs of your loved one. We also organize and execute it with a minimum of concern on your part so that you can focus on what matters more: the welfare of the person you care about. If you are interested in addiction intervention in Orange County, CA, reach out to the concierge rehabilitation professionals at the Parallax Solution. You can contact us online today, or call us at 833.978.0546. You can rescue the person you love from drugs and alcohol.