a woman learning about the Home Health Services offeredThe Parallax Solution is proud to be a premier provider of home health services in Los Angeles, CA. By providing in-home aftercare services — that is, comprehensive home health services for patients struggling with addiction — Dr. Henriques and his team can ease the transition from rehab into a life free of drugs and alcohol. Some of our patients have taken the first steps on their road to recovery on their own. But many have been through detox and residential treatment programs, and now wish to extend their recovery. At the Parallax Solution, our goal is the same as yours: to ensure a healthy recovery and avoid relapse. And our home health services are an excellent place to start.

Home Health Services at the Parallax Solution

There are many levels at which we offer care, and many different approaches we take to home health services. The following is a short list of our most prominent programs. These include, but are not limited to:

Rehab Aftercare Program

Residential treatment programs can be an excellent place to start your journey on the road to recovery. But a supportive aftercare program in which we help you make the transition into everyday life outside of treatment can mean the difference between recovery and relapse. Our comprehensive rehab aftercare programs are home health services that we tailor to your specific situation. This allows us to ensure that you get the highest quality care as you reenter your life, which is when it matters the most.

Home Detox

For most people struggling with addiction, the first step is medical detoxification. This is the process by which toxins and the substances leave your body. Because each substance has its own signature set of withdrawal symptoms, it is incredibly important that this process be undergone in the presence of a medical professional. At the Parallax Solution, our addiction specialists offer this service in the comfort and privacy of your own home. We also provide this home detox service in hotels, and many of our patients choose to receive home health services there instead. Make sure that you receive the highest quality care; participate in our drug and alcohol home detox program.

Addiction Intervention

One of the most difficult aspects of recovery is taking the first step. And one of the tragedies that accompany addiction is that the individual fighting the disease is too often the last to realize that they need help. Dr. Henriques and the Parallax Solution team have extensive experience helping families and loved ones intervene when necessary. And this involves more than just opening the lines of communication so that an honest, fruitful discussion can be had. We also have relationships with treatment centers all over the world, so that you can be sure your loved one’s individual needs are met.

Recovery Coaching

In our recovery coaching program, you are paired with a sober mentor who will help guide you through recovery. They will accompany you to school or work and to social functions, providing support as you learn to navigate the world without drugs or alcohol. One of the most damaging aspects of addiction is the fact that it is isolating. Individuals who struggle with substance use issues push away family, friends, and co-workers as the substance takes up all of the space in their lives. A sober companion can help you to reintegrate into society while ensuring that you maintain your sobriety. The sober companions at the Parallax Solution are highly trained professionals who are dedicated to helping you on your journey to wellness.

Court-Ordered Rehabilitation Services

Has your rehab been court-ordered? At the Parallax Solution, we have a long history of working with attorneys, courts, and judges, who are well aware of the high level of care we provide. Among our many court-ordered home health services we provide alcohol and illegal substance treatment monitoring, prescription drug and marijuana monitoring, and pain-management aftercare. We also offer dual-diagnosis reports and other legal documents requiring metrics for crisis-management purposes. We have extensive experience working with patients with DUIs and drug offenses, as well as with those in the family court system with substance-abuse related cases.

Employee Assistance Program Services

Although it is underpublicized, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management has several programs that can help when you are recovering from trauma or addiction. Notable among these are their Employee Assistance Programs, which offer a broad range of services to employees suffering from personal or work-related problems. These programs are entirely free and voluntary, and as part of our home health services, the Parallax Solution has worked with many of them in the past.

Contact the Parallax Solution About Our Home Health Services Today

At the Parallax Solution, we understand that recovery is not complete once you left rehab. The period just after rehab during which you are building or rebuilding your life is enormously important. The choices that you make now — the support you choose, the routines you establish — will follow you through the rest of your life. And this period is also crucial because it is so often accompanied by relapse, and a variety of health risks linked to your addiction.

This is why addiction treatment through home health services is so very important. And our home health services in Los Angeles, CA, is a prime example of the kinds of concierge addiction treatment services you should be looking for. Let the Parallax Solution design an in-home treatment program tailored to your needs today. Contact us online or by calling 833.978.0546.